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What Our Students Say!

A great way to learn more about Nepā School is to listen to what our students have to say about us. The following are comments about us made by them!

"When I was in high school (10+2), my friends would argue that social sciences and humanities were streams that didn’t require deep study.  But Nepā has refuted the idea, widely prevalent among Nepalis, that only natural science requires hard work. I've learned through my experience at Nepā that no matter what you study, you have got to look at things with a critical lens. This analytical lens will set you apart from the rest. Dedication, hard work and commitment will pay off, and if you give your hundred percent, nothing is impossible. You can create discourses and be the best, and all you need is the lamp of education."

Sanjay Sharma(Batch of 2010)

"Before joining Nepā School, I was totally incapable of critical study and analysis. It is a great opportunity for me to study here, learning in depth and using study materials that are of an international standard."

Pratikshya Khanal (Batch of 2010)

Pratikshya with Amrita and Rupa  

"In my 17 years of education before coming to Nepā School, I had never experienced quality education. At Nepā School, I have realized that an interdisciplinary course like the Graduate Diploma programme in which there is a limited intake of students, good infrastructure, library facilities and access to journals, and regular interaction amongst faculties, management, and student inside and outside the classroom truly explores the students’ potentialities. After coming here, my understanding of the social sciences has greatly changed."

"Nepā School’s scholarship and stipend provisions for needy students are great opportunities for young people to shape their future through hard work."

Chiranjibi Bhandari (Batch of 2010)

Nabaraj and classmates at the computers  

"These six months have been an absolute roller coaster into critical thinking; drowning into and emerging out in the world of social sciences; more so into the world of expressing oneself analytically and critically. I have thoroughly enjoyed each and every class. Even though they are very rigorous and challenging, it pays off when you put in the hard work. The best part has been the comments and constructive criticisms that I received constantly from my teachers."

Dipti Sherchan (Batch of 2011)

At Nepā School, I’ve learnt the important of three things: a culture of rigorous study; self-organization; and an analytical and critical perspective on social issues.

Bishnu Prasad Pokhrel (Batch of 2011)


"I was educated in a Nepali-medium school and did my Bachelor’s degree at a Nepali University where rote-learning was the norm. Even today, I can recite the ideas of philosophers and scientists exactly as I memorized them. At Nepa School, I’ve found that rote-learning is not encouraged. For this reason, it was very difficult for me to acclimatize myself to such a free and creative environment."

Sanjaya Mahato (Batch of 2011)

Chit Chat  

"Lectures at Nepa use real-life examples in their teaching. The faculty invests a lot and looks after each student. The experience here has broadened my horizon and really changed my view on many things."

Pushpa Hamal (Batch of 2011)

"Nepā School breaks the traditional pattern of study. One of the important things I learnt from Nepā is time management. I started to value time with greater consideration. Nepā School always prioritizes the creative and critical thinking. Nepā School’s course is of high standard which in itself is another unique aspect in the Nepali academic sector."

Anusha Dhungana (Batch of 2012)

26 july 2012 cash prize 021

Sumina with Rajib's prize

"I had heard people say that Nepā School's course was intensive and heavy but what they missed out was that the course is comprehensive as well. The assigned reading packages seem lengthy at times but are engaging, fun. Whenever people think about academic writings and theories, they stereotype them as soulless and rigorous papers, but some of the writings resemble beautiful literature and thoughts. The course also encourages students to be critical. So far, by enrolling in Nepā I have been able to gain what I wanted to, which was dissecting society and politics into simpler terms and learning about them. However, what I have realized is that simpler necessary does not mean easy."

Sumina Karki (Batch of 2012)