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Graduate Diploma: An Overview

The Graduate Diploma in Social Sciences is a one-year (post-)graduate course that aims giving the students a strong theoretical and analytical foundation for their subsequent enrolment in university-run Master’s programmes in the social sciences or in their professional career. This programme serves as an advanced version of the Immersion Course in Contemporary Social Issues that Nepā School’s parent organisation, Social Science Baha, had run for close to a decade.

Among the wide selection of disciplines that fall under the social sciences, the diploma course currently focuses on sociology, anthropology, political science, and gender studies. Being interdisciplinary in nature, it enables the student to experience the rich intellectual traditions of each of the disciplines through a rigorous immersion into the key philosophical and theoretical ideas, schools and debates. The design of each course explores both its width and depth, giving our graduates a strong academic base from which they may further explore the social sciences in university-run graduate programmes. For those not intending to pursue further studies, the course will provide a stimulating intellectual conclusion to their undergraduate studies through rigorous instructions on the core subjects within the social sciences and training in Academic English.

The faculty employ pedagogical methodologies prevalent in institutions of repute around the world. Students are given reading lists and are required to participate in seminars and make presentations. Daily readings, regular homework and tests are intrinsic to the programme. The academic team works with each student in building necessary academic and analytical skills, and students can seek academic counselling with the tutors and take part in interactions with the faculty and resource persons. The School’s computer lab provides access to major journal databases and publishers. The students can borrow books from the School’s modest library. They are also encouraged to exploit the more extensive resources in the social science reference library housed at the School’s parent organisation, Social Science Baha.

The Graduate Diploma in Social Sciences is currently not formally recognised by any university. But it is expected that this Diploma holder will stand a good chance of being accepted for Master’s degree programmes in reputed Indian universities and, eventually, universities in the West.