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Ajaya N. Mali
Course Coordinator and Tutor

Ajaya N. Mali is working in the capacity of Course Coordinator and Tutor at the Nepā School. He has received his MPhil degree in sociology from the University of Delhi. His thesis focused on the prominent French Marxist ideas leading up to the May 1968 student uprising in Paris. In the past, he worked as Programme Manager at Social Science Baha, Kathmandu. His academic interests include capitalism, urbanism, stratification and Indology. 



Shuvechha GhimireShuvechha Ghimire

Shuvechha Ghimire completed her Bachelor in Sociology Honors from Delhi University in 2010. She received her Master in Sociology from Jawaharlal Nehru University in 2012.

She has been working with Interdisciplinary Analysts (IDA) as an Assistant Researcher since June 2012. She is interested in studies pertaining to peace, conflict, gender and religion. Her interest as a researcher lies in quantitative studies.