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Class of 2013


Bottom row (left to right): Anish Bhandari, Sharmila Khulimuli, Man Kumari Thada Magar, Bijaya Dahal, Shivadhar Mahato, Radhika Thapa, Uma Pradhan, Sujan Poudel
Top row (left to right): Pranaya Ratna Sthapit, Banshi Ram Chaudhary, Dawa Tshering Sherpa, Prabin Nanicha Shrestha, Tashi Tsering Ghale, Indra Bahadur Tamata, Kapil Phuyal, Bibhu Gautam

"When growing up,  a bamboo thinks that it would pierce the sky one day. But it gets wise over time and bows down towards the earth."

Career goals: To facilitate people to identify their true potentials and excel in their lives.
Research interests: Education, Employment, Children, Youth, Gender, Public policy, Security sector, Violence, International Trade, Globalization.

Anish Bhandari



I belong to freed Kamaiya (bonded labour) community. I want to work in the field of human rights as well as the academia. Although, I have worked as a freed Kamaiya activist for a decade, I am still confused as to how such inequality is produced and reproduced in society. This curiosity has led me on a search for what the slavery is.

Banshi Chy (smile)

I am interested in film making and research, both of which I want to make my career. I am co-founder of Onion Films from where we have made a few short movies, documentaries, promotional videos and other video related works. I am also planning to start a research institute in a near future and for this, I have already started a pilot project on livelihood issues of street vendors. My past experiences include my profession as a journalist in a youth magazine for three years and Research Assistant in a think tank based in Kathmandu. Besides, I have helped other organization as a consultant, helping them in bringing out yellow pages, writing proposal, translation works, making business plan and other consultant work.

Bibhu Gautam



I am interested in working as a researcher and I love interacting with people. Furthermore, I find myself to be friendly with people around me. I am an extrovert, fun loving and an outgoing girl. I want to pursue my Masters and further continue my studies in social sciences. I want to do research in the area of governance and state affairs. In the recent past, I participated in a research project that studied the 'Public Audit Practices in Trail Bridge Project ' 'Helvetas Swiss Inter Cooperation Nepal.

Bijaya Dahal

I am the kind of person who usually gets lost in his own world. My aim is to become a leader, not a political one, but a social leader who leads people to make a better society. I am keen on doing research. I have done research on sexual harassment of children and have also assisted in some research projects.

Dawa Tshering Sherpa



During PGD session for 2013, I have experienced a lot of new things in my life which will be important features in my life. Similarly, working hard is another characteristic that I learned here. I personally suggest the students to come to Nepā School and adopt such qualities as discipline and organized academic knowledge.

Indra Bahadur Tamata

I am a person with many interests, hobbies and want to pursue a good career in life. I realized the importance of the social sciences and its implications in our everyday life. The theories in the social sciences may seem great in number but it is a fact that these ideas are relevant to the lives we live every day. Besides social sciences, my interest in music and playing guitar has also helped me grasp more ideas. With knowledge of social sciences, some day I may be able to create a connection between the two subjects. My future plan is to pursue my career as a researcher and work in the same field.

Kapil Phuyal



I believe life is another name of experience. I want to utilize my experiences more using a critical lens. Thus in future, I aspire to be a researcher which would help me to experience and explore new things. Besides, I want to write research based articles. I am also interested   in conducting research on issues like gender (specifically how the males are also being the victim of patriarchy), children education and bureaucracy (government sector). My areas of interests will surely broaden in the future. I want to pursue PhD in future as well.

Kripa Devkota

I was educated in a Government school and College/ University (T.U.). My strong interest in Sociological/Anthropological research dragged me to Nepā School. Having had a few research experiences in qualitative research, I felt, I needed to improve my academic writing skills first to be a good researcher. I want to pursue my career in the social research sector because I hope it will fulfill my dream to visit all the districts of Nepal and see and learn more about Nepalese society and lifestyles.

Man Kumari Thada



Right now, I am just a traveler who is not in a mood to slow down or stop. I am enjoying my journey of learning new ideas every day. Talking about my career goals, I am still building upon them. However, I have some research ideas and I plan to pursue them and later become engaged in the academic field. My research interests are mostly on micro-level social interactions. Currently, I am very interested in 'music and social change' and 'socio-cultural conflicts.'

Prabin N. Shrestha

Coming from a management background, the experience of getting into social science was new and a revelation for me. It gave me multiple perspectives with which to look at the world and has enabled my growth as a person. Since I am also interested in the field of innovation, I would like to connect the field of technology and social science.

Pranaya Sthapit



Learning is a continuous process in life which is boosted up through a determination, regular effort and hard work for new findings and the sharing of acquired knowledge. I am interested in reading books and writing interdisciplinary social issues that people face in everyday life. Nepā School is the best platform for me to explore the field of social sciences and especially the subject of my interest which is gender issues. By implementing the skills I learn from Nepā, I want to explore the different dimensions and components in the contemporary social issues. I believe that research will give me new insights along with the exploration of specific issues in the area of my selection. Though I will be pursuing my PhD in future, I have not yet chosen any specific subject areas.

Radhika Thapa

I used to play basketball when I was doing my Bachelors. I love to read jokes. Being a Newar girl, I am interested to do research in Newar culture, especially on the caste hierarchy and differentiation.

Sharmila Khulimuli



After completing B.A. with Sociology/Anthropology and Population as majors in 2009 from Birendra Multiple Campus, Chitwan, I left my home district for the first time for Kathmandu to seek a job. I was surprised to see everybody moving here and there searching for opportunities to make a better career. I also wanted to seek a better field to build my personality and education which may help to be a good social researcher and I felt that my education was not enough for that but it was also not an easy goal to achieve. I joined Master's in Sociology/Anthropology at Tribhuvan University, Kritipur, where I gained theoretical background and dissertation writing method. I also got a chance to do research in Tharus Traditional Culture of Chitwan Valley and was able to publish this in a journal.  I am still searching for better opportunities to explore my knowledge in social research.

Shivadhar Mahato

I am interested in social research but previously, I lacked the requisite knowledge. I joined Nepā School in my quest for knowledge. Besides, I want to proceed with my further study on social sciences. The field that I'm interested is female issues basically in remote areas. I want to study about female's suppression and its causes in remote areas of our country.

Sujan Poudel



I am just a normal simple guy who enjoys reading non-fictional books. For now, I just want to complete my PhD in the social sciences. I do have the research interest as I want to contribute and explore more about the remote communities of Nepal and why they are still marginalized and isolated from the public sphere. I also want to know more about their historical, social, cultural, political and economical aspects to which has allowed them to be in a group and become more humane.

Tashi Tshering Ghale

I have studied Sociology since my high school but my knowledge was based only on rote learning. Here in Nepā School, I learned to understand the reading. I have entered the academic world and want to continue my career in this academic field. I have gradually developed the reading habit from Nepā School which I didn't have before.

Uma Pradhan